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House and Lot for Sale in Cebu

Whether it's in Cebu City, Cebu North, South of Cebu, or the Island of Lapulapu. We got the best properties you can choose from.

Cebu Best Lots and Homes for Sale

Cebu Real Estate Development

Cebu Lots in Subdivisions and Condos as Homes are becoming a city solution to buyer’s growing demand for housing. Becoming a Global City isn’t impossible in Cebu City’s robust growth of infrastructure with the expansion of its Airport, the Mactan International Airport.  Numerous Developers and Investors are looking at the increasing house and lots for sale in Cebu, condo developments for sale as they see the demand for affordable housing in the city. Having Affordable Lot Properties, Condos for Sale in Cebu as well as houses, tourists, OFWs and Investors are encouraged to buy properties for their families instead of renting more so because rental prices are continually rising. If you are looking to invest in Real Estate in Cebu, now is the time to start considering the pros and cons as rising prices have become a Real Estate reality. Invest now!

Note: Prices of Lots, Condos and Homes rise constantly. Have you chosen a property in Cebu? Contact us for the latest price updates. 

Greenwoods Executive Village Cebu – Lot for Sale in Cebu City

Imagine a life you’ve always dreamed of. Living in Greenwoods Executive Village Cebu is now more than its verdant trees, or its cool atmosphere, it’s now about being able to build your dream house in a subdivision that’s tried and tested. Greenwoods Executive Village is a 24.4-hectare subdivision comprising 4 phases. With its proximity to […]

Why is buying a Lot in Cebu recommended during crisis?

A lot of businesses and jobs have been put on hold due to the widespread Covid-19. It is a sad reality that plenty of people lost their jobs, businesses have closed and some others survive through skeletal workforce operations. For some, this crisis increased sales if they’re from the food and healthcare industry. However, where […]

3 Reasons Why Lots are Better than House and Lots in Cebu

Why are Lots Better than House and Lots in Cebu? Buying a Ready for Occupancy House nowadays has been the trend in Cebu. If you have been renting for quite some time, it can be a waste knowing that your hard-earned money goes to monthly rentals without having a chance of owning the house. Upon […]



Anonymous, Lot Buyer in Cebu City

“Very Fast Agent. I’m impressed! He was able to provide the Sample Computation Fast in a Lot I was buying. Others took time or don’t know how to do it.”



“Great job! The agent who assisted me made it easier for me to purchase a property in El Monte Verde at a Sacrifice Sale even when I am not physically present in Cebu City. The transaction went on smoothly!”



“I purchased another condo from the agent and referred a friend of mine because she is good. She assisted me all throughout the sale and even after the sale.””

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