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urgent job hiring in cebu

Urgent Job Hiring in Cebu. Are you looking for a Job in Cebu? We have job vacancies for Real Estate Sales Agents.  We offer flexible working times and this can be done at the comfort of your home. Must be Cebu-based.


  • Free Website
  • Free Sales Trainings
  • Travel/Rice/Appliance/Cash Incentives for every Sale from partnering developers
  • Huge Commissions for every Sale
  • Manage your own time and can be done home-based.

Job Summary

  • Advertise listings of Real Estate Properties such as condo, houses, lots for sale in Cebu
  • Attend Product Training Knowledge in Partner Developers to accumulate knowledge and expertise in the sales field.
  • Market Real Estate Properties Offline and online
  • Attend 1-2 times a week Company Meetings to improve Sales and Marketing Skills
  • Update Website, Facebook and Classified Ads regularly

Job Type / Category

Sales/Marketing-Full time/Part-time/Home-based

Required Education, Skills, and Qualifications

The Real Estate Salesperson should be competitive and willing to be trained. No Sales Experience required. At least 2nd year College level. The company will train you without charge. Huge incentives await those who qualify and perform well in this role.

Company Profile

CebuBestHomes is one of the leading companies in Cebu City offering Real Estate Brokerage Services to clients. Our expertise for more than 15 years in the industry and our free Website Assistance as well as 100% support to our Salespersons distinguish us from other companies.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time

For interested applicants, kindly email me at


Sell Properties in Cebu

Sell Your Properties in Cebu- Free Posting in Cebubesthomes

Sell Properties in Cebu. It’s faster and more convenient. Do you have plans to sell your property? Whether house and lot, lot only, condominiums, commercial property? We can help you sell your property quickly at the price you want.  We shall be happy to advertise your properties on our website for free and we will bring in the buyers for you and close the sale.

Our website is a very well optimized website and can readily be found mostly in the pages of Google and Yahoo using the most popular keywords such as Cebu Real Estate and House and lot for sale in Cebu.  They will be seen 24/7 by the huge market, the entire world.We only a request a minimal standard professional fee whenever we can present a buyer and close the sale.

Initially, we would like to request the following information to be supplied to us so we can advertise your property on our website right away:

1) Your name and contact number

2) Type of property  (house and lot, lot only, condo, commercial, etc.)

3) Specific Location (in Cebu)

4) Lot Area

5) Floor Area (if applicable)

6) Number of bedrooms (if applicable)

7) Price

8) Terms of payment

9) Titled?  Ist it clean title?

10) is it furnished

11) How old is the house (if applicable)

and other pertinent information

See your Cebu property with us.

Email us now at with the pictures of your property and see your property advertised in 24-48 hours. We may need to contact you for further information as needed.

Real Estate Agent Hiring in Cebu

Real Estate Agent Hiring in Cebu


Real Estate Agent Hiring in Cebu. Looking for a Real Estate job in Cebu? We are hiring Real Estate Agents in Cebu. If you’re seeking for a new rewarding career in Real Estate, this is the path for you. Earn income by selling Houses in Cebu, lots and Condos for Sale. Take Advantage of the Real Estate Boom and the increasing developments in Cebu.

You’ll get to spend more time with your family, work at your own pace and be your own boss while increasing your earning power. This sales career is not for those looking for easy money. This is for those who would like to shift from the employee mindset to a business mindset which could accumulate more wealth for you in the long run. This could never be surpassed by being an employee of a 9 to 5 job.

Cebubesthomes Realty is a company located in Cebu City pioneering on Real Estate Service and handling customers within the Cebu Province. Our Company has been in the Real Estate Industry for almost 15 years starting online servicing clients through our Real Estate Website. We would be your partner Company in training and assisting you in your Sales Career. Start as early as now!

We are looking for individuals who have the following


-Completed at least 2nd-year college

-Willing to work full time/part-time

-Has a background in Sales or Sales-oriented. If no background, training is mandatory.

-Goal-oriented and can reach targeted metrics


-Cash Incentives for every sale

-Travel, Rice and Appliance Incentives offered by partnering developers.

-Commission Basis

-Free Website and Training Assistance


We offer Sales Training and marketing assistance for those who qualify.

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Temporary, Internship, Contract, Commission,

Please message me at 09222825646 and email your resume at

There’s a preconceived notion that availing the services of a Real Estate Agent would cost more. It couldn’t be more wrong. In today’s modernized world where developers constantly build houses, condos, and develop lots to sell. It becomes confusing for a home seeker where he should invest his hard-earned money. Presently, home-buying has been considered an opportunity that middle-class and high-income earners would benefit from. With the increase of socialized housing and affordable low-cost properties, such benefit has been widespread to all people.

It isn’t a wonder then that home-buying becomes a dilemma of a lot of people. Where should you buy your future home? Location must be as much as possible not located in a place prone to traffic. It must have a good drainage area in case of heavy rains. How much will you spend for your future home? Are you willing to wait for a couple of years before your home is built or do you need to move-in right away? These are just some of the questions that you need to address before you get to buy a property. It is now not enough to have funds, search the internet, go directly to the vicinity and try again in another property location in case you do not like it.


HERE ARE TOP REASONS to avail the services of a Real Estate Agent

  1. Real Estate Agents have accumulated knowledge brought by constant product knowledge trainings attended in developers within the city. In case you do not like a house because it has no balcony but you like the location, a Real Estate Agent knows a similar property just near the area that he can recommend. Availing the services of a Real Estate agent then makes home-buying easier.
  2.  There’s no extra fee in dealing with Real Estate Agents in developer-based projects. If you are the first owner of a property and there’s no previous owner, those belong to the “developer-based” properties and thus, you don’t need to pay extra money for the services of a Real Estate Agent. It will be the developer or the company who developed the house, condo or lot who will give a “commission” to the Agent for the sale.
  3. Hiring a Real Estate Agent would mean you have someone who can help you in case there are concerns with the Reservation requirements, the property itself. Many Real Estate Sales Agents go the extra mile and usually becomes someone who follows up your concerns with the developer. As some developer employees become very busy especially during holiday seasons, the Real Estate Agent can call in your behalf.
  4. You can save time. Some Real Estate projects are challenging to find even with a map. A Real Estate Agent can help you by providing you landmarks to the nearest area.
  5. Based on expertise, a Real Estate Agent can recommend to you a property worth investing taking into consideration the reputation of a developer on finishing projects on time and etc.

I’m sure there are more reasons other than the ones on the lists. Consider wanting to get the most of your time when you travel in Hongkong, Singapore or US. You only have a few days left and you want to make the most of it. It’s best to avail the services of a Tour Company to make sure you get the best experience in traveling. Home-buying is like that. It’s also an experience that you would like to treasure the most and hiring a Good Real Estate Agent would make that one of your heartwarming experience. Finally, your hard work paid off and now you get to own a property. Make the best choice.

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