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This is your real estate career development. Your success in this real estate career will depend upon yourself because your greatest asset is yourself. Nurture yourself, believe in yourself and you will unlock your greatest potential and achieve your highest and best use of yourself.

Are you always trying to look for money? If you do, you will always be looking for money. In principle, money is not supposed to be looked for. It should be the other way around. Money should look for you. I mean, the person who has the money should look for you because you have something that can solve his problem. Just like a doctor who does not look for sick people, but the sick will seek the doctor who can treat him. Thus, as a real estate agent, you should aim for competence so that people can identify you as the person who can help them with their investments. However, when you are new in the field, when you don’t have the needed competence, you will have to look for money by making sales, and this can be achieved by advertising some properties which can attract interested buyers and from there, you can close sales. Eventually, your network will grow, you will have referrals, and you will be know as a person who can be relied upon when it comes to real estate investments.

To help you achieve that level of competence, be very active in real estate. Attend every Product Knowledge Seminars and Site Orientations conducted by your realty firm or by the real estate developers. Attend every seminar that talks about real estate topics that will help you sharpen your knowledge and skills in real estate. Be in the game. Just like when you want to be the best in basketball, be very active, and always be in the game everyday.  At the start you are interested  to join real estate, then move up to being committed, further, you move up to making it your passion.


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