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Product Knowledge Checklist


     1. Property Details:

  • If house and lot, how big is the floor area
  • How many storeys
  • is it single detached? Single attached? duplex? townhouse?
  • How many bedrooms?
  • Is there a garage and how big, one car garage? two car garage?
  • Is there a balcony, a maid’s room with separate toilet & bath? How many toilet & baths?
  • If condo, is there a studio unit? 1-bedroom unit?, 2-bedroom unit? 3-bedroom unit? Penthouse?
  • What are the sizes of each unit in terms of square meters
  • Is it a flat unit or with loft?
  • What is the classification of the project:  Socialized? Low cost? Middle? High End?
  • What is the total land area of the project or subdivision in terms of hectares
  • How many lots in the entire subdivision, how many sold and how many available
  • Which are those that are available
  • Do you have actual photos of the available lots?
  • If condo, how many units per floor, and how many units in the entire tower
  • What is the unique selling point of the project that makes it unique from others
  • What makes the project very saleable
  • Do you have a subdivision map?
  1. Location:
  • Where is the subdivision specifically located?
  •  What is the landmark?
  • How far from the City?
  • Where is the lot specifically located in the said subdivision?
  • What are the different modes of transportation available
  • What is the shortest route (with good roads) going to the actual site?
  • Do you have a location map?
  1. Lot area and description:
  • What’s the lot area?
  • Are there alternatives of bigger or smaller area?
  • Is it flat, hilly? rolling? overlooking?
  •  Is it a corner lot?
  • Is it facing east?
  •  What is the frontage?
  • Is it near the gate?
  1. Amenities:
  • What are the facilities and  amenities of the project?
  •  Does it have a swimming pool?
  •   24 hr security?
  •  perimeter fence?
  •  clubhouse?
  • children’s playground?
  •  Basketball court?
  •  How wide are the roads?
  •  Who is providing the water facilities?
  1. Restrictions of the Subdivision:
  • What is the minimum amount of house to be built?
  •  Maximum height?
  •  Easement of both sides, front & back?
  • Is firewall allowed?
  • How much monthly subdivision dues?
  • If condo, are pets allowed? What pet?
  1. Developer:
  •  Who developed this specific project or subdivision?
  •  How reliable is the Company
  • What is its track record?
  • What is the exact address of the office of the developer and it’s actual site of the project
  • Who are the officers of the developer
  • What are the contact numbers of the sales and marketing officers of the developer.
  • What is the official website of the developer
  • Can we be part of their regular online communications for updates?
  1. Date of Construction and Completion:
  •  What is the status of the project?
  • If lot only for sale, is it already buildable? or subdivision development still on going?
  • How much equity that building a house is allowed?
  •  is the model house ready for viewing? if not, when?
  • If condo, when is it going to top off?
  • When will be the completion date?
  • When will be the turn over date?
  • Is there Ready for occupancy unit? What unit
  1. Prices & Discounts:
  • What is the total contract price?
  •  For lot only, what’s the price per square meter?
  • What are the discounts for cash purchase?
  • What are the discounts for full down payment?
  • Does the price include VAT? (valued added tax)
  • What is the promo for the month? Or promo for a specific time period?
  • Can you make a specific quotation and explain it to your prospect buyer?
  1. Financing Scheme:
  • How much is the reservation fee?
  • How much is the down payment? 
  • Can this down payment be paid by installment? for how long?
  • How much is the interest per annum?
  • Is it fixed or diminishing balance?
  • How much is the monthly amortization?
  • How much is the penalty in case of delayed payments?
  •  Can this be financed through Pag-ibig? Bank? In-house financing? What is the interest rate for each?
  • What is the form of payment that the buyer is allowed to pay for monthly payments? Post dated checks? Bank to bank payments?  Direct Debit?
  1. Availability:
  •  What specific house and lot or lot only or condo is available?
  • Ready for occupancy? Pre-selling?
  • If pre-selling, when is it going to be available?
  • This requires regular updating with the developer (at least once a week).
  1. Delivery
  • What are the deliverables? (materials used)
  • If house and lot, is it bare unit? Finished unit? Semi-finished?
  • How is bare defined? (usually no ceiling, no partition, no tiles and no paint on the inside)
  1. Documentation
  • Does the property have a clean title?
  • If Brokerage, is the realty tax duly paid?
  • If developer, is it pre-selling? LOI? (letter of intent)
  • If Developer, does it have License to Sell? What is the LTS Number
  • What the documents or contracts that the buyer will have to sign in order to buy the property?
  • What are the requirements to be submitted by the buyer before reservation is accepted
  • What complete requirements to be submitted by the buyer so that the contract to sell will be signed
  • Who is the SPA of the buyer (Special Power of Attorney)
  • Do you always bring a Tripping Form for the buyer to sign every viewing?
  1. Commission & Incentives
  • What is the commission rate from developer
  • What is the method of releasing commissions (stages of releases)
  • How much is the incentive. Is it for agent alone or including broker? How much for each?
  • How much withholding is deducted?
  1. Developer’s Support
  • Is there a model unit? Where is it located? When is it available for viewing. Does it include Sundays and holidays? If none, when will this be constructed? If they will not construct, is there a similar actual unit that you can take some pictures on?
  • Is there a tripping vehicle for site orientation?
  • Is there a tripping vehicle for buyers? What is the policy of reserving a vehicle
  • How can officers developer send updated information, email? Messenger chat group?

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