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Pathways to Self Development

  1. Wrong mountain to Climb is a great waste of time
  2. Unable to tap your potential is a great waste of time
  3. Work on your belief
  4. Believe that you are not going to look for money. Money will look for you.
  5. Work on the EGG. Exposure, Good deals, Good Service.
  6. Choose a company and upline who have a good business system as well as honest in all dealings.
  7. How to avoid or live with negators
  8. Have ample patience as virtue
  9. How to develop a powerful memory
  10. How your business is built in terms of receivables and why it is the most stable and strong.
  11. Strive to keep your liabilities low. Be ready to live with a very tight budget
  12. Focus on projects that are RFO, or almost RFO, and developers who are agent friendly especially in commission releases
  13. Take Initiative to learn and succeed at a faster speed
  14. Interest – Commitment – Passion
  15. Develop Teamwork for synnergy & self discipline
  16. Develop salesmanship habit and apply to anyone. BE A NEGOTIATOR

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