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Bacalla Woods Experience

Bacalla Woods Experience

Bacalla Woods Campsite is a recently opened camping grounds located in San Fernando, Cebu. It is a haven for people who would like to experience detaching from everyday’s worries and immersing themselves in nature. Upon arriving at the area, you can see an infinity swing which when sat on boast of mountain and scenic views. Right away, a feeling of tranquility can be felt with the surrounding woods and trees. Picking a spot where our tent would stand was exciting as the camping grounds was full of leaves and very similar to those camping sites in movies. Lunch time was a bit reflective as we sat on a ledge overlooking the mountains. Talking to my friends and joking around became mainstream instead of looking at our cellphones.

Deciding which activity we would do next was a bit challenging due to the rainy weather so we opted to have a mini photo shoot. Every nook and cranny of Bacalla Woods is picturesque and it’s an added bonus that there were only a few people in the campsite. Riding the swinging tire, net climbing, skateboarding, river trekking are some of the activities adventure lovers can do. Since it was already late in the afternoon, we rested in hammocks and talked about our lives. It was really refreshing as there’s not much to interrupt our conversations. To cap off the night, we played chess with my friend and challenge our brains out. It was a funny experience because she can easily read my expressions and know why I did a certain “move” in the chessboard. Needless to say, I was a sore loser and reminded myself to have a rematch. It must have been ages since I’ve played chess and I have the “no signal in the area” fact to thank for that.

After playing chess, sleeping in the tent was a unique experience as the last time I slept in a tent was years ago. It was really back to basics and I was reminded to bring a pillow and a blanket next time I go camping. The next day we woke up pretty early as we booked an activity which was River trekking. My ideal thoughts include a 20 to 30 minute walk and that it will just be an easy trail. I couldn’t be more wrong. It was a 2-hour walk at most and it includes a walk downhill through various steeps and paths. By the time I reached the river, I was thinking of going back to sleep. It was challenging and not for the chill lovers as the river had a lot of rocks of different sizes and shapes. Sometimes, we had to swim and sometimes we had to make sure we don’t fall off an inclined access. My consolation at that point was the picture taking set to make each and every photo looked like it was easy.

After the 2-hour walk, we decided to ride a motorcycle going uphill as the walk had been endless. It was arduous but definitely unforgettable. Nature was at its finest and along the way we could see different animals like chicken, cows and dogs. Ultimately, we had to rush going back to the city for the Christmas season. If you are an adventurous soul yet needs solace, I would recommend this place for your next travel because of the unique totality of the experience as well as it’s affordability.


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